Diamond Supply Co. – New Era Brilliant fitted hat by Fresco Distribution

If there is something that Diamond Supply Co. never took lightly it’s headwear. Snapbacks, 5 panel caps, beanies, bucket hats and of course New Era 59fifties (commonly called New Era fitteds among connoisseurs) are never missing from its infinite range. The brand that sets trends in California and consequently all over the world, designed a cap based on its trademark color: aqua green. Not only this color represents the purity of the diamond but, if you allow me, it’s also a tribute to the color of the endless number of pools laying in this area. With the Halloween event that they held recently at the Diamond Mine bowl, they brought together a bunch of tranny rippers and made quite a buzz with this clip featuring a tail drop of death, courtesy of Charlie Blair. The cool thing about this brand is just this: no matter how big the fame gets, they can’t forget where they came from. That’s why you can always find wax, nuts and of course grip tape in its range. Back to our cap, you already know what to expect from the standard that New Era got you used to through the years: a superior fit and quality fabrics. Representing once again the Diamond Life that I told you about last time with that Lightning Coach jacket, this New Era Brilliant fitted hat on Helena B head is clean but very effective. Nothing but a big diamond in the front, a “diamond life” embroidery on the back and this headwear piece is ready to show to your homies how much you care about a fresh style with an exclusive cap by Fresco Distribution.

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