Diamond Supply Co. – Parisian Crewneck by Fresco Distribution

You want to get the truth? As soon as I checked the name of this Diamond Supply Co. crewneck I immediately thought of one skater. If there is someone that embodies Paris and the Diamond Life, that must be Tony Bee. Beside its actual sponsorship deal, he is the epitome of how a dude down with this brand should be: well connected, with a smart sense of humor, hip hop fan but most of all very skilled on tech skate tricks. Don’t worry if you didn’t hear from him before or if you live in Italy where Fresco Distribution deals in Diamond: this crewneck rocks regardless of where you live. Also available in two other colors, this trademark aqua green is without a doubt the most representative of the whole movement. Yes, you read it right: this is not only a brand but a movement where no matter where you are, you shine because of your clean style and your knowledge of street culture. The skate hardware brand founded by Nick Tershay stays true to its roots in skateboarding but at the same time gets a lot of love by people that are not necessarily rolling on daily basis. Our Parisian Crewneck comes with two inserts on the sides like all the fleeces by this brand. Other details like the label on the hem and the diamond screen printed on the sleeve are all there, like you can see from these pictures of Claudia F. Go shred a Parisian spot or chill at a hip hop live show with this piece: you won’t feel out of place. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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