Diamond Supply Co. x Slayer ● Brilliant Abyss Skateboard Deck

When I look at this Diamond Supply Co. x Slayer deck it is like my whole life went full circle. I started to skate with 7 plys decks around 86, in a period where you could see skate punks hang out at concerts with their boards. It was in that age that the mix of countercultural music included beside hardcore punk even thrash metal and guess what? The new craze from New York called rap. It was back then that I started to listen to Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill”, right after Slayer wore their t-shirts, being both signed to the label of grandmaster Rick Rubin: Def Jam.

Slayer are the ultimate thrash metal band: mad fast just to know when you peep them live that they can play even faster, every member of the band has his own superpowers to form a league of superheroes that you just can’t beat.

A staple in skate culture, not only mid 90s they were the favorite band of all terrain vehicle Wade Speyer, but they were featured also on a Big Brother piece that had top pro skaters going to Disneyland with them and the notorious jackasses of the editorial group. As far as recent times, I have seen recently a brilliant flip of one of Slayer cover designs into a skate wheel graphics. This is a much needed intro to figure out why everybody loves Slayer.

To my surprise last Saturday I get a text from Dario at Limited Edition shop that wants me to pass by, because he has received Diamond Supply Co. x Slayer collaboration capsule from Fresco Distribution.

Brilliant Abyss is the name of this skate deck that he ordered just for me, beside his own. Being extremely sensible to this kind of attentions, I can’t do nothing but thank him with this post. This black beauty measures 8,25″ and it’s ready to take street abuses of all kinds but I have the doubt that with such an iconic design it will end up hanging on your wall.

The rest of the capsule is so new that is not on the website yet but feel free to ask informations about it on Limited Edition Treviglio Instagram.

Buy online Limited Edition items here:

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