“For what though, some diamonds and a Bentley what you dyin’ for/a’ight hoe, I’ma bake my cheese and let my mic flow” (Big Boi)

I was losing myself among an impressive list of names. Ever wondered how many pro skateboarders use Diamond Supply Co. hardware? It’s the cream of the crop team. From Christian Hosoi to Daniel Castillo, from PJ Ladd to Keelan Dadd, there is a pretty eclectic mix in there but that’s what makes this brand a top choice. From the old to the new school, from street style to transitions, Diamond presence is felt in every corner of the planet where the cool factor is. No wonder that everybody wants to represent this brand, rocking at least one of the pieces of their collection. Their range is divided into skate hardware, clothing collection and footwear collection. I’m lucky enough to have Fresco Distribution as a supporter of my blog, so I know where to look for Diamond products. What does Brilliant mean in this case? That you can kill’em all Metallica style at the skatepark, come home, have a shower and end your day with some fine dining and some clubbing. This is the concept of brilliant in Nick Tershay book. The founder of the brand that took this smart name from Sade album “Diamond Life” is all about a brilliant life as you can peep on daily basis from his Instagram. This Brilliant raglan has the same design of the crewneck that we saw here a few weeks ago, but its impact is way different in this form, especially when it’s Michela S wearing it. Diamond gear is known to disappear pretty quickly, so tell your shop or you’ll end up going home empty handed.

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