“House with two kitchens, diamonds, plenty women/built-in pool to swim in” (Jadakiss)

Diamond Supply co. rags to riches tale makes me dream any time I think about it. From skateboard hardware, to a few t-shirts and hoodies, to a clothing collection in order to become eventually one of the most influential trendsetter ever in streetwear.

Think of this brand as a California modern classic. I don’t lie if I tell you that it’s slowly becoming the standard by which the other brands are measured. My secret agent at last Agenda New York told me something like: “[brand x] is doing good in the East. Its booth was as big as Diamond’s”.

Beside the top level that Diamond reached after all these years of hard work, this brand never loses focus on what’s hot. Today we are watching this Brilliant Crewneck Sweatshirt that Fresco Distribution kindly sent in just to state once again that Diamond never misses a shot.

What’s more fascinating? Their worldwide logo or the screen printing of a diamond shining bright?! Mr Nick Tershay opted for the latter and I can’t do nothing but agree with this style choice. Colors are on point as you can see from the Brilliant written in red that contrasts so well the Diamond green of the crewneck that Elena A is wearing.

Beside how you perceive this personally, there is so much hype around this brand that once you find a piece around, especially here in Italy, you feel compelled to get it or you will regret later, that’s how it goes.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then freshness must be Diamond Supply Co. homegirl.

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