“Hard as diamond but I’m in the ruff, listen up/if you ever see me with the Feds you can bet it’s in the cuffs” (Big Pun)

It’s always hard to keep up with the freshness of Nick Tershay. Diamond Supply Co. founder and CEO is always into something like he’s keeping up with the gangsta tradition that the West Coast is notorious for.

His brand is synonymous with fresh and its evolution represents the successful path that any “brilliant” brand should take. Diamond has the most complete and groundbreaking range ever: the daring idea to pass from belts to ashtrays and carabineers, not to mention towels and rugs is quite outstanding.

It goes without saying that since now tanks are slowly becoming a staple in streetwear, this item couldn’t miss from Diamond collection. I picked up one for you through the almighty Fresco Distribution. Good ole Cutty, the Diamond mascotte that you already saw if you are a loyal follower of the culto of this brand, got a neon restyling here on this Neon Lil Cutty Tank.

The best part is that instead of doing this remix in actual neon colors, the tone is pastel here. I was telling you that it’s hard to keep up with the freshness that revolves around this brand but fortunately this piece that Marie P is wearing a piece that will drop in shops next month.

I got fascinated at first sight about such a subject that keeps the skate foundations of the brand still relevant to this very day. Don’t forget that it was skate hardware that sparkled the idea of Diamond Supply Company, without even thinking that it could blow up at such level. With summer approaching, it’s time to represent the West Coast more and more: time to shine dipped in Diamond gear. Photo courtesy of Simone Montanari

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