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We are having a fabulous Fall here in Northern Italy. Sunny and not too cold, one can’t ask for better but basically temperatures are dropping slowly and in this type of scenario the best part are lightweight jackets and fleeces. Yes, now you can wear that coach jacket that is too cold during winter but looks great. You can also wear a hoodie instead of a jacket and the result is equally great.


But do you want to wear an average hoodie or, being loyal readers of this blog, you want to rock something special? I will not let you down because I have a bangin’ item by your workwear heroes over at Dickies. The favorite brand of the workers that built America is back on the Maxiemillion. If last time we saw Flex Work Pants WP596, today our focus is on the top part of the body.


Who said that a hoodie must necessarily be made of fleece? Never like in this period creativity is at its peak in street style but still I think I never saw before this combination of shape and material. Forget the average and think extraordinary because this Amonate Hoodie is made of corduroy.


With its quite loose fit (it doesn’t stretch like a fleece so its design is a bit large in order to wear it comfortably) Amonate Hoodie is ready to astonish people with finesse.


Often neglected in favor of more rugged materials such as denim and fleece rather than ballistic nylon, corduroy is tough but classy, creating in this way a new dimension of street finesse. Look at these shots of Elena S and you will see how very detail is crucial from the rippled hem of the hoodie to the kangaroo pocket up to the little woven label stitched on the hem.


I have no idea if this works better as a jacket or as a hoodie. I look forward to hear from you what your experience will be…
In the meantime this item awaits on Blakshop together with the rest of the Dickies collection.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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