Dickies ● Flex Work Pants WP596

So you read about the title and you are thinking that I will talk about a trap pant, using words like plug, lean, yung and dab? You couldn’t be more far from the truth. No new school multicolored hair and face tattoos here but classic American style that defeats the challenge of time.

I am just stating facts here, considering that the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, formerly known as US Overall Company, was born in Texas in 1922. The workers that built America wore Dickies for decades (well, almost a century) no matter if they were cowboys, construction workers or mechanics: this brand is so reliable when it comes to workwear that any tough job is just another easy win for Dickies.

Dickies pants are not new to The Maxiemillion anyway: I had the chance to post a 874 Flex Work pant last season so I knew what I was about to get into. The difference is the fit: the other one has straight leg while this one is tapered. Fans of the short pant style will love this one because it has 26 inches of length. This means that all skaters that love to let their socks show off don’t have to take these ones to the tailor: they are ready to be worn. Did I say “skaters”? Everybody’s favorite skater Jamie Foy is now rolling with Dickies.

For what concerns the rest you have a timeless item updated, thanks to a smartphone pocket on the back mid leg that will turn act of checking your iPhone an act of class.

To end it all you have a pant made of a twill that, conceived to withstand hard work requires minimum care in keeping it clean and wrinkles free. Did I tell you that it’s even moisture wicking?

Style wise this Brown duck colorway will get along very nicely with your camouflage jackets (and you don’t even need a face tatt)… Dickies collection is available now online through Blakshop, time to pick your favorite item.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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