Dickies ● Johnsburg t-shirt

It’s tattoo paradise these days of Summer attires where you tend to wear less and less so your tatts show up more and more. It is a matter of fact: ink on our bodies is one of the stronger ways to communicate what we are into. As usual somebody does it right, while others just mess things up and you know who is who by the way he picked its last tattoo.

Gone are the days of tribal designs (that made the fortune of tattoo artists good at the cover up aspect): classic and Japanese tattoos are the people choice and Dickies didn’t let this thing go unnoticed.

Johnsburgh t-shirt is for those urban individuals that care about a good fit and demand a delicate impact of what they wear. This is the reason why the dimensions of its design are quite small and there is no back print, but don’t underestimate the power of communication of such t-shirt. The Black Panther in this tattoo version becomes a concept that evokes honor, valor and wisdom values of those that tend to protect others by any means, even considering a conflict if necessary.

Its tattoo lettering completes the OG appeal of the item that can’t wait to be thrown in an outfit ready for street activities, the favorite of the brand from Texas. This brand born as a premium workwear solution turned an ear to skaters and BMXers, to music artists and of course tattoo fans and created something that satisfies the needs of all of them.

Its pricepoint is totally affordable and if you want to consider that Ye move of rocking a Dickies jacket at Met Gala, it’s easy to understand how the perceived value around this brand may easily levitate even from an hypebeast point of view. Like this wasn’t enough Blakshop cut in half the price of this t-shirt so this is an absolute bargain, from any point you want to look at it…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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