Dickies – Jacksonville shirt by Blue Distribution

The last thing that should come to your mind when you approach a plaid shirt like this is the word “Lumbersexual”. This definition out of control that spread like the plague recently in magazines and blogs, representing the crisis of masculinity in male genre, has nothing to do with Dickies heritage weight. This brand was an element of the streets way before the writers that noticed this “style craze” were even born. To find the origins of Dickies (formerly Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company) you have to go back to 1922, in fact. The workers of America were proud to endorse pants, shirts and jackets from this workwear brand that soon became a standard of quality when labour work was involved. That standard lives to this day, supporting now lifestyles such as hot rod and bikes fans, tattoos aficionados and of course skateboarders. The reason is under your eyes: these garments are rough and tough. Leave the flavor of the season to other brands because Dickies stays classic as a lumberjack shirt can be. This Jacksonville shirt that the Italian distributor Blue sent in is a piece that shows how authentic and durable are items that belong to Dickies collections. This light cotton fabric has been cut to produce a shirt that is so ready to work that it even has the hole in a flap of the pocket to insert a pen. Items like these are so nice that you risk to find your girlfriend stealing it from you, like it seems from these pictures of Costanza C. Don’t pay attention to fads: Dickies is here to stay. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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