Dickies x Salad Days Magazine ● Torrance coach jacket

This blog is familiar with Dickies for a long time. Remember when I first showed you that Wisconsin snapback? A lot of time has passed but this brand stay grounded in its natural terrain. Being a workwear brand with a true heritage, it has been embraced as a favorite by the whole streetwear fans population, like it happens in these cases. No matter if you write graffiti or hardcore punk lyrics, if you have a bunch of tattoos or if you scratch with finesse and speed, if you skate or if you bmx: you must have heard about this brand before. Being all the above mentioned activities the field of action of Salad Days Magazine, a collaboration among the two entities was an opportunity not to be missed. I’m pleased to wear the Torrance coach jacket myself for several reasons. The first is that I wear an item of a magazine that I write for. Did you check the latest issue where you can read my interviews of Adnauseum and Evan Smith? I have always had a weakness for coach jackets since the beginning of gangsta rap. This type of garment has a simple style that may blend easily in anyone’s closet, just like Dickies apparel in general. With the same X that we have seen when I reviewed that SDM beanie, we can say that this jacket represents properly an hardcore aesthetic. To get this piece you may try to get in touch with my editor writing an email at info@saladdaysmag.com but be quick or you will go home empty handed: it’s a really limited 50 piece run.
Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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