“The baggy blue Guess jeans, pull strings off in Palm Springs/I’m locked in the bing, Rocky ring labelled rap king” (Ghostface Killah)

When I first saw these shorts by Dickies I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now finally we get in touch with shorts that have their own style in an endless sea of clones. I’m fed up about all these cargo shorts in a range of color that goes from camouflage to khaki to light brown and now Blue Distribution sent in these shorts to rescue me (and your style). These Palm Springs shorts have a few strong points that make quite a difference. The fit is the first aspect that differs from the stereotype of Dickies that people have in mind. Not at all an “old school fit” but rather a modern fit, short and tight. As you see from the pictures it looks on point as far as length go and my friend Alessandro C makes you understand this quite easily. Don’t even dare to think that this won’t allow you to move easily: this item is made of stretch fabric. Another plus for all the denim fans out there, is the selvedge style hem that you can see in the cuff of the third picture. It’s a very little detail but over a plain antique blue like in our case, it does its job properly. A little pocket money in the front, beside the four other pockets, adds personality to these shorts that can’t wait to celebrate with you the good times of your hot summer. Definitely a timeless piece that you will never get you tired of, these shorts confirms that an authentic heritage like in our case can only give top results.

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