DJ Double S ● Mixtape Giveaway

If you are Italian and you consider yourself a hip hop cat there is no way that you didn’t hear the name DJ Double S before. With his southern origins, hailing from the city of Turin, the evolution of this DJ is uncomparable to anybody else’s, just like his passion. From the early beginnings, he was the man beyond the one and two’s and his career stretches over a two decades span. Providing beats from its flight case full of vinyls, no matter if it was a minor jam or the most official freestyle battle called Tecniche Perfette, his career is based on realness. He toured with Neffa e i Messaggeri Della Dopa, Ensi and One Mic beside the number one Italian lyrical champ Fabri Fibra. He is also the official DJ at that MTV show called Spit!. These days he keeps himself busy touring with one of the last poets of the hip hop art form on Italian soil: Kiave. They both are musicians belonging to the Upper Playground European roster so it was supposed to happen that The Maxiemillion and DJ Double S had to come up with something for you. After you click “like on DJ Double S Facebook page, head over to The Maxiemillion Facebook page, click “like” there too and then you can click that tab “Vinci il mixtape di DJ Double S”. Share this post on your page and comment here below answering to this simple question: “Why do you like DJ Double S?”. The best 10 answers will receive one of his mixtapes “Lo capisci l’italiano?!” or “Al centro della scena”. Hurry up: the giveaway ends on Sunday February 17th. Only valid for Italian residents. Photo courtesy of DJ Double S. Artwork


  1. Omar Hraoui 11 February 2013
  2. Paolo Po Lazzaroni 11 February 2013
  3. Emanuele Heppys 11 February 2013
  4. Paolo della Gatta 11 February 2013
  5. Filippo Pajola 11 February 2013
  6. Giuseppe Della Gatta 11 February 2013
  7. Marcello Piras 11 February 2013
  8. Vincenzo Bellini 11 February 2013
  9. Nino Palermo 11 February 2013
  10. Leonardo Baioni 11 February 2013
  11. Davide Fiorucci 11 February 2013
  12. Mirko Psaiko Monti 11 February 2013
  13. Giuseppe Durden Polizzotto 11 February 2013
  14. Mario Fuscaldo 12 February 2013
  15. Amedeo Cotugno 13 February 2013
  16. Antonino 'Ntò Rame 13 February 2013
  17. Peter ShaSha 13 February 2013
  18. Walter Pontifex Masi 13 February 2013
  19. Renè Tripla B Sorti 13 February 2013
  20. Ivano KaosKeeper 13 February 2013

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