Djinns ● Crazy Pattern 5 panel cap

Djinns showed us some very nice headwear pieces already. Like this wasn’t enough it showed us recently how to do proper sneaker/cap matchings because… it’s also a footwear brand. I love Djinns because it’s evident that its production comes from true passion and nothing gets my thumb up like these brands.

Djinns puts an unheard attention to every detail but what makes it stand out it’s also the fact that this brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. I prefer this modus operandi to its opposite: low quality items with an attitude. To put it simple I prefer a brand that writes on its label “We love ugly caps” and drops a killer piece instead of a brand that thinks that his headwear is nice but it’s not.

Under the spotlight we have this Crazy 5 Panel cap that to me doesn’t look so crazy. Some people don’t dare but for those who do, this cap worn by Nicole R is just too nice. Striped denim paired with a fabric that seems like it came straight from a sofa store may be weird to some but not to me. Here as you can see the crown has a flawless shape and that little woven label on the back where the closure is.

No need to be crazy in love like Beyonce to rock a dope cap. And if it’s not a love story that we talk about, you don’t even need to question yourself like Cee Lo did in order to buy a crazy cap: Djinns is your guarantee.

You should be crazy not to give a look Djinns website

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