Djinns ● Dark Basics Grey snapback

Djinns takes headwear real seriously. Don’t get me wrong, this German brand from the Ruhr area it can be funny all you want but its collection is no joke. It’s since I posted its first cap, given to me by their skate team rider Flo Marfaing, I noticed that craftsmanship is at a high level and inspiration is not lacking.

What we have under our eyes today is a snapback of the utmost quality. Called Dark Basics Grey snapback, this headwear piece has a classic structured shape that stays stiff just as it should. Check these shots of Simona B and you will get the picture of what I’mn saying. Not too tall, not too low with a slightly squared visor. The basic formula is there but what are the key features of this snapback?

The branding is always on point with woven labels over and under the visor, just like this brand got us used to but there is more. It’s the embroidery to steal the show here. With the word Djinns embroidered in 3d and Supply Co just below in 2d, it’s evident that here the design is conceptual, leaving nothing to chance.

If you love something you do it the best you can and this is exactly the case. The other feature that makes this headwear piece stand out is its colorway. With a heather grey / charcoal grey color palette it goes without saying that this is really easy to wear as far as matchings.

No other brand I know deals in “footwear and headwear only” like Djinns does. This makes possible to keep the focus on style instead of worrying on infinite categories of products. That’s why all the caps and sneakers I posted by this brand were all killer. What I am writing is easier to understand once you browsed deeply its production on Djinns website. Tell me if I’m wrong…
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