Djinns ● Easy Soc

Camouflage is slowly coming back (wait… did it ever leave the streetwear zone?!) and fresh people like you need a pair of astonishing kicks to go with all your second hand M65 jackets, your khaki shorts and your camo cargo pants, right?

Djinns is working hard to create current sneakers that blend with your urban style. Today we give a look to the Easy Soc, here shown in its Olive colorway. The German brand whose focus is sneakers and headwear only, as I told you already in the previous posts of this brand, came up with an irresistible pair that will make your summer special.

Its suede makes a great contrast with the white outsole and the perforated side panels and upper makes it a breathable sneaker.

These lifestyle sneakers whose shape is inspired by running have a secret that makes its fit extraordinary: the neoprene sock. This stretch material will adapt to the shape of your feet like a glove. Beside this, a lot of people love to go sockless during summertime and this sneaker is ready to accept your naked feet.

There is a smart balance of materials in the design of this Easy Soc that makes it lightweight even if the structure is solid. The outsole is mostly EVA beside this cool alphabetic tread that is made of rubber.

Your choice is in your hands: you can wear what your friends wear to be accepted or you can think for yourself, be an individual and rock a smashing pair of Djinns. There is much more to check on the website (including a few headwear pieces to match your kicks…)

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