Djinns ● HFT Part Time Mesh trucker

I always tell you how I’m fascinated by the research on headwear by Djnns. This brand designs shoes and caps only, developing in this way a special touch that makes me stare in amazement every time.


Called HFT Part Time Mesh trucker this headwear piece has more than a feature that call for a discreet attention. Yes, I said it: it’s not loud at all but its delicate craftsmanship and the selection of materials make it a precious item. First of all it’s called a trucker just because it’s shaped on the original design of those cheap headwear pieces worn by truck drivers to avoid the sun when they were doing their thing. This in the wonderful world of caps means that the visor is curved, that the front is made of canvas (or foam in most cases) and the back part of the crown is made of net.


Here things are a little bit different as we are talking about an alcantara crown. The synthetic suede that is extremely resistant and classy if compared to canvas, gives a sophisticated look to this headwear piece, very far from the starting point of a common trucker. To add on this classy feeling is the little label that is almost hard to read.


Featuring all the branding that Djinns got you used to through with my detailed reviews, it’s the back part that looks far from the general concept of trucker. Where you usually have net only, here there is a smooth and lightweight fabric serving as a backup, upgrading the level of quality of this cap. If you are into vintage apparel and you can pull it off brilliantly like Francesca L did in these pictures good for you, otherwise any camouflage jacket or a light denim one would look amazing with this.


To stare in amazement at the rest of the collection by this brand is quite easy: just browse Djinns website and get in touch with Out Of Mind Distribution if you need further informations.
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