Djinns ● Lazy Lions 6 panel strapback

Djinns is the king of the headwear jungle. No matter if we talk sneakers, wallabies or caps + sneakers combos: Djinns knows exactly what it is doing.


It all started when Flo Marfaing told me about this brand showing me Flat Cap Best Oxford 5 Panel, the first cap ever by this brand that I posted here. From there it has been a continuous exploration of the fantastic world of this brand hailing from the Ruhr region in Germany. You gotta love Djinns for two reasons: it isn’t afraid to explore the limits of what it’s possible and it moves with logic. I kindly suggest you to give a look to the catalog of the upcoming season to better figure out what I am saying.

I doesn’t matter if you love caps unstructured or stiff, monochrome or colorful, Djinns heart beats by same pace of yours. This means that here we all love fresh headwear and Djinns is no different. The proof is in this cap called Lazy Lions 6 panel strapback here worn by Alessandra U.

It’s made of a fabulous burgundy shade of chambray fabric. This was destined back in time to those baby blue shirts worn by your bank accountants up to that moment a few years ago that someone started to give this noble fabric different colorways. This is how it revealed its potential, up to the creation of smashing headwear pieces like this one.

With its Lazy Lions 2d embroidery on a semi unstructured crown and its curved visor this is the definition of a current headwear piece. Lined in red jersey with custom taping, this strapback is superior up to the very last detail. Check how the matte metal buckle with the cross that says 2001 looks awesome on the back of the cap. Keep checking Djinns website because the Spring Summer 18 collection should be available real soon…
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