Djinns ● We Love Ugly snapback

The thin line among ugly and good looking is very subjective. Some people dress bad in order to look good and inevitably… some people who think are well dressed, look really bad to some others. Some people love curly hair, some others love them straight. Freckles look good to men while usually girls that have them don’t feel freckles as a good thing.

Once upon a time people dressed in streetwear style were a sort of menace to society. Somebody with an unidentified mission that could be potentially dangerous, was saying everyday people and let me add: those were the days. Then, after the 80s came the 90s and the thing was slightly different, more accepted but the real revolution happened in the new millennium. Streetwear changed for better (or for worse), such style became gradually more pop and now… we are the coolest kids on the block.

Djinns is one of the coolest brands on the Euro block when it comes to footwear and headwear. Its sense of style may get a funny twist if necessary like in the case of this We Love Ugly snapback. It’s not the first time that we see a similar woven label on the front of a snapback.

Looking at these pictures of Marta P you can tell that this cap is all but ugly. Its pattern reminds me an original wallpaper but it could also be a blend of illustrations of old books from the 15th century. Needless to say that these graphics with an ancient vibe create a slick contrast with the modern shape of the cap.

Check this and all the other caps on Djinns website: no risk to look ugly, rest assured.

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