Djinns ● Moclau 3.0 Triple Mesh

Djinns keeps you fresh. I am not only talking about how you look: I’m talking about temperatures. The German brand has a unique approach to urban style considering that its design department only deals with footwear and headwear. No t-shirts, no hoodies, no windbreakers, you read it right: only sneakers and caps.

This allows Djinns to focus on kicks that have a distinct flavor, especially these days where sporty shoes are flirting with technical mesh like never before.

All you want from your lifestyle shoes are three features: they have to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Last but not least they have to look next level. Moclau 3.0 Triple mesh is the answer to all of the above. Its slim silhouette is composed by a mesh upper, a neoprene tongue and a different mesh on the heel. To give strength to its structure there are suede panels on the sides with lace holes (even if basically these sneakers do not need to be laced).

The weight is kept to a minimum without compromising the stability, thanks to the running inspired EVA midsole.

As far as branding this style is very subtle: only a tiny suede laser etched label on the side shows what you are wearing.

Slip your feet in and this Moclau 3.0 will give you a pleasant feeling during hot days, considering how breathable its upper is. The mesh on the back stays wrapped on your heels and doesn’t slip out.

Your style is now boosting through the ceiling but in case you want to do more, just feel free to browse Djinns website for the perfect headwear piece to match your new sneakers
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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