Djinns ● Moclau Hump + Funky 6 Panel Curved Visor

It was a while that I wanted to give proper coverage to Djinns and finally the occasion arise with SS17 collections. By “proper coverage” I mean that not only I show you items from this brand but I also follow its philosophy: you should match properly your caps and your kicks. Yessir, you won’t find any t-shirt or hoodie by Djinns: nothing but headwear and footwear.

Moclau Hump kicks together with this cap are sure to make people turn their heads, considering how crucial this color is in street fashion these days. A progressive pair of lifestyle shoes like these are what you should wear to hang out, looking fly in a seasonal must. The outsole is made of an EVA/rubber blend while the upper is made of canvas and these two materials combined give you a very lightweight sneaker, ready to make you stand out in the crowd.

The Funky 6 panel cap is a masterpiece, straight up. What you know about Funky Cold Medina? It was a certified platinum rap banger from 1989 by the histrionic character known by the masses as Tone Lōc. By this name he identified a sort of love potion that makes the trick for him, faking an unsuccessful playa career in its unforgettable video.

The structure of this headwear piece is the perfect Dad Cap. Curved visor and a smooth crown for this strapback with a flawless leather closure.
How about the matching of the embroidery on the cap with the camouflage details of the shoes?

To look fresh like Giulia Z in these pics look no further: Djinns website is awaiting your choice

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