Djinns ● Skin Black snapback

Djinns went all out this time. You know how this German brand that I made you familiar with has a penchant for quality headwear and sporty footwear with an edge. Through my reviews you may have noticed how this brand can go from clean ton-sur-ton headwear pieces to allover prints if it’s the case.


What is fresh about Djinns is that in most cases you may found in its range top of the line matchings among caps and sneakers. Now is it clear to you why I am a supporter of Djinns philosophy?!


Skin Black snapback comes from the opportunity that this brand gives to its designers to develop all the wicked concepts that they feel. Take a jacquard canvas that makes you think more of a pillow on a sofa rather than of a snapback. Put on such canvas drawings of zebras, giraffes and elephants and you have the pattern that besides this cap also ended up on Nice CP Right Skin Sneakers.


Not as Shaolin as Brooklyn Zoo and not so high fashion like a Roberto Cavalli pattern, this cap that Alessandra A is wearing stays true to current streetwear principles where no pattern is too crazy if it belongs to the right item. This cap fits the high standard in headwear that Djinns got us used to: a sticker on the visor to certify its originality, a woven label at the corner of the visor, one beneath the visor, to conclude such great branding job with another one where the closure is.


Expect great things to come out of its upcoming Spring Summer 18 collection (that you can have a sneak peak here) and you won’t get disappointed. Keep Djinns website in check in order to cop the new items as soon as they are available…
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