Djinns ● Yemp snapback

It was last week when I had the pleasure to see in person the people behind Djinns. The brand had an amazing booth at Bright Tradeshow in Berlin where it had the chance to showcase both its Djinns collection and Genesis footwear styles. The passion that this brand puts into designing shoes and headwear lead it to have a relevant name in Europe.

If we give a look to this Yemp 6 panel snapback it’s easy to understand why: progressive design meets care in craftsmanship. Made entirely of cotton, the canvas of this cap has a hemp look that brings back a lovely retro flavor. It’s the type of feature that will make connoisseur heads nod in approval, far from average manufactured caps.

Its dark pink colorway is what makes it current but it’s the 3d embroidery to make it funny. What a timeless concept is “easy living”?! With all the problems that life may bring, to focus on positivity is surely something that deserves all our support.

Check how the little details come into play in a snapback that makes of its branding a superior job. As you can see you have a woven label over and under the visor, beside a little one where the closure is. Let’s not forget one of its best features: its shape. It’s supposed to look good on your head and this is not something to take lightly.

A lot more can be found on Djinns website so I suggest you to browse it extensively to find the proper cap and sneakers combo that represents to the fullest your easy living level…

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