Djinns ● Flat Cap Best Oxford 5 Panel

Djinns Uniform is a brand from Germany that was unknown to me up to a week ago. I had the pleasure to know about this headwear specialist through my friend Flo Marfaing. It’s no secret that me and him get along well, as you may understand from my reviews of Souljah items.

As you may remember if you are a loyal reader, Flo had a pro model cap to his name out for a while. Last time I met him he updated me about his new cap sponsor: Djinns Uniform (and he gave me one). Technically called Flat Cap Best Oxford 5 Panel cap, the headwear piece that Paola Z is rocking in these pictures is authentic winner material. With a flawless chambray crown and a slightly squared alcantara visor this cap is up to a good start. The front of the crown has felt letters stitched with care over an embroidery that has a cool “handmade look”.

Looking closely there is an outstanding detail that catches my attention: a red woven label stitched to the left corner of the visor, making a good contrast with the baby blue background. You can find another red label where the closure is. Flo explained to me that this is one of the main headwear brands here in Europe, that’s why it also has a private label program, in case your brand wants to have some caps in its range and you don’t know where to start.

Check Djinns website and you will also find some fresh footwear that will catch you by surprise. Nice choice, Flo: I back you up!

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