Djinns ● Thomson Left Sports

Winter is about to knock on our doors and we should get geared up in a proper way. With this words I mean to pick up a pair of shoes that we can rely on as far as confort and style. Let’s give a warm welcome to the Thompson Left Sports by Djinns. It’s not the first time that we deal with an item by this brand. Do you remember that fabulous chambray 5 panel cap that I posted here not long ago? It’s from the same brand but this time we venture into footwear territory. Cold weather will have an hard time to freeze your feet with this soft sherpa lining but let’s start from the beginning. This model in the hands of Giulia Z is an hybrid among a skate shoe and a duck boot that with a unique vision found a way to mix leather with tweed. The white vulcanized outsole gives a touch of finesse to this shoe whose army green upper is ready to get along nicely with your bomber jacket. Sampling typical boot features like hexagonal rivets and classic round laces is the key to the style of this pair of shoes that with its tall tongue will protect your ankles. What makes the Thomson Left Sports a functional model is the idea to keep the back of your ankles free while protecting the front. This German brand hailing from Magdeburg is familiar with harsh weather so it worked hard on this model to give relief to your feet. All this without losing focus on a killer style. Welcome winter, nice to meet you.

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