Djinns x Differantly ● Easy Run Nature + Nature snapback

Djinns loves to have a sharp style, just like me and you. Average is not in the book of the German brand hailing from the Ruhr area that made of the cap/sneaker matching its mission. In case you did not read my previous posts about Djinns, its mission is footwear and headwear only. Nothing else.

I’m all about sneakers and caps as you may have understood by now, that’s why me and this brand get along so well. Last time I showed you a fine pink based matching and this time we step our game up.

Putting its connections to work, Djinns called its friends Differantly and told them to work hard on a smashing concept and so it went. The result is called Easy Run Nature, together with a matching Nature snapback, as you can see from these pictures of Sally B.

The design studio split among Paris and Berlin envisioned a flawless example of lifestyle trainers with a running inspired silhouette whose pattern and details match a classic snapback.

A true work of beauty whose finesse is evident, starting from the premium leather used for the kicks. Its Nature colorway is a mix of that nude color that seems to be much en vogue these last seasons, blue/tan laces and a forest green lining with a sick pattern representing sneakers silhouettes, just like the visor has guns, bananas and slingshots.

The same pattern is on all sides of the visor of this ill alcantara snapback with a beautifully executed metal branding on the front of the crown. If Djinns wanted us to be aware of its level, well… mission accomplished!

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