Djinns x Jay Roeder ● Age snapback

I am indulging a bit in the discover of this headwear & footwear brand called Djinns. I inspected this German brand from head to toe (especially if you consider that is proposal as I said is caps and kicks) and I am more and more intrigued. Today under my lens I have the Age snapback that Corinne C is wearing here and let me tell you: it’s a killer piece.

I don’t know about your age but me I’m over 40 (aka almost 50) and people tells me all the time that I should tone down my loud outfits and I should… look my age. I’m a bit like those punks from Blink 182, I lost count of my years and probably the artist known as Jay Roeder feels the same, that’s why he dedicated to the most famous joint from Blink 182 its collaboration snapback that he made with Djinns.

Jay is a dreamer. He is original and funny and the coffee overdosage that he submits on daily basis to his persona sparks the creations he signs. Inspired by Nirvana but also by Frank Sinatra, Star Wars, Prince, the list is endless, this graphic artist bases on handwriting his creations that meet the taste of Djinns. This 6 panel snapback made in collaboration among the brand and the artist has the same high standard that Djinns got us used to: a thick 3d embroidery, a double branding on each side of the visor and a woven tab on its plastic closure.

If you fan out on Blink 182 or you are just a hopeless fake youngster like me, look no further: your cap is here

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