Doner Music – Skateboard deck

To put it in Diplo words: “Right now it’s all about Big Fish”. So he said in the opener of the recent Big Fish guest mix for Diplo and Friends on BBC 1 Xtra. Thanks for pointing that out but it’s been quite a while that Italian producer and DJ Big Fish was giving Italian flavor to his music productions. Always keeping up with genuine curiosity with what happens musically speaking all over the world, this veteran of the production board founded his own record label Doner Music in 2006 and kept growing ever since. What you just read is no news but the scoop here is that nobody knows Big Fish passion for skateboarding. In the late 80s, around the time of XXX Skateboard magazine, his whole crew skated and as you may know that thing leaves an indelible mark. In an historical moment where skateboarding has a lot in common with the freshness of Doner Music for what concerns their constant evolution, Big Fish came with an unexpected bomb. Rocking Palace triangle on t-shirts isn’t enough anymore: how about a 360 flip on a Doner Music deck? With its mild concave and epoxy glue construction Doner Music skateboard decks are crafted with the same standards of your favorite skate companies as you can see by these pictures of Paola T. She is holding a 7.75″ but these babies are also available in 8″ and 8.2″. So I ain’t Gwen Stefani but whatcha waiting for?! Get in touch with Doner Music before these gems are all gone (and in the meantime don’t forget to follow on Instagram Doner Music Skate profile, care of Big Sudan MC…). Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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