Bear Swagger – Black Patch Bobble Beanie

I know, you are rubbing your hands thinking that Spring is getting closer. The truth is that not everybody lives in Italy like me. Take Bear Swagger for example: this little brand all about the honey is from the UK. This means that you may want to keep your head warm a little longer there. But when it comes to swagger there are almost no limits to what makes you feel good with what you wear, regardless of temperature. I bumped into this brand a long time ago and I got fascinated by the “fresher than you” attitude of this bear with sunglasses. Do you remember when we first met it? It was almost an year ago. I got to post a very nice Bear Swagger snapback: you don’t get to see satin lined headpieces everyday. This brand does things in a simple and effective way. It doesn’t sell you overinflated gear projecting a fake image but it stays grounded with style. What would you do if, like CEO Tom, you had in your hands a sick logo and clear ideas about what you want to do with it? You’d do exactly what he does: you’d run a cool brand with a neat website. So if you think that your swagger needs to be updated with some new gear, feel free to rock this Black Patch Bobble Beanie. Don’t worry about which label to wear on the front: like you can see from these pictures of Marta B, it’s either good with a big or a small one. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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