Don’t Trust Anyone x Black Scale – International t-shirt

We are up to something that has no competition here. These two brands must have listened to that LL Cool J joint “Mama said knock you out” over and over because the result of their collaboration is smashing. We saw another killer tee by DTA but are you familiar with Black Scale? One of the original brands that brought out that aesthetic with dark and esoteric designs that contributed to give birth to the Street Goth movement, everybody in the know loves Mega’s Black Scale as a new force in streetwear with a genuine inspiration that has countless imitators. Being the two brand in a very good relationship and sharing common ground in thought stimulation field, a collaboration was next. The International t-shirt that Natali I is wearing speak the codes of both brands. The esoteric design on the chest and the upside down element is pure Black Scale and the DTA style is represented by those military stripes that are found sometimes in its collections. The upside down American flag is on the back and it defines pretty much the picture of the subversive intentions of these brands from the Golden State called California. In a washed up streetwear world where most brand look for mass appeal, copying each other in an uninspired evident way, DTA and Black Scale are on a mission to give a message. An awakening one. Revolutionize your style today: peep what DTA is able to offer you through its website. The choice is yours: subvert or conform. My suggestion is to subvert (but with a style like no other). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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