“Don’t you see the shorty with the baseball cap/don’t make me flip, mother****er, with this baseball bat” (Styles P)

Caps, caps and more caps. The new kid on the caps block that we had the chance to meet before more than once, is Quintin co., straight out of L.A. Following the rule made popular by Sheek from The Lox “bad boys move in silence“, this brand started with a few caps and once the foundation got laid down, people at Quintin kept on building. Beside crafting in the States fine caps with attitude, at the latest trade shows they presented a little but sweet clothing line  that I will hopefully review here soon and their caps are getting better and better. Not copying any other shape of cap on the market, but doing their own thing they quickly expanded from bmx bikes to skateboarding. On a wise choice once again, they incorporated in their tech squad cool ass New Yorker (nowadays living in LA) OG Danny Supa on the team, together with the Puertorican king of determination Manny Santiago (did you see his own pro model cap when it came out?) and Turf rider Sam Baptista. These dudes may not be placing at top five at your extreme contests but one thing is undeniable: each one of them have a trademark style. Korean Army camouflage on cordura is what this Braves snapback is made of. Camouflage once again seem to be on the rise, but we knew it since 2009. Once you look at these pictures that I took,  you don’t have to worry about me talking a lot about the details, they are all there for you to see. Italian distributor Alessandro C at Calle Marconi made a good job about spreading the brand and quite a few shops now carry Quintin items. On top of them on my personal list is All In shop that kindly let me take a picture of their shop assistant Ilaria P, reppin’ Quintin colors. In this case these colors make her ready for war. War on those customers that don’t feel these caps.

Rieccoci a parlare di un brand che abbiam già noto ai lettori di The Maxiemillion: Quintin co. Partito da un’idea semplice, quale quella di produrre dei caps made in USA, pian pianino ha saputo muovere le sue pedine fino ai risultati attuali. Da brand di soli cappelli ad una linea di abbigliamento più completa, da un team di bmx riders fino ad uno comprendente anche skaters quali Danny Supa, Manny Santiago e Sam Baptista. Chi si occupa di Quintin qui da noi è Ale C che dalla sua Calle Marconi domina l’universo bmx e distribuisce in tutta Italia questo brand. Ecco in testa alla new entry di All In shop, Ilaria P, il cap realizzato in cordura in camouflage coreano che corrisponde al nome di Braves snapback. La nostra assistente alle vendite da quando l’ha indossato dichiara guerra a chi non ama Quintin. Attenti a ciò che dite…

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