Doomsday ● Trash Surfer t-shirt

If you are Italian, you are around 16 and alternative music is what floats your boat, you must have heard of Doomsday already. In case you are not, don’t worry: The Maxiemillion got your back. Doomsday is the definition of posse: a tight crew of friends that walks together and rocks together. By accident one member of their crew is one of the top artists that ever came out of the Italian music scene in years: Salmo.

This means that his fans fell in love with Doomsday that therefore became one of Italian most successful real streetwear brands. Hailing from Sardinia, this brand has a strong surf component in his DNA because this area has a few rad surf spots, as you may know. This Trash Surfer t-shirt has so many influences that I think I may forget a few. There is a bit of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a lot of early Town & Country Surf Designs and a bunch of surf punk attitude. If I think about it I can even find a bit of Jacovitti, the grandmaster of Italian comics that was used to design all types of trash on the ground surrounding his characters.

If you consider this t-shirt in a proper perspective you will see that it’s the type of item that gains style if worn out of context. Is it a summer design? Wear it in December! Doomsday was featured here already and the conclusion is always the same: the craftsmanship is on point and the design is really inspired. Just be patient some more days and you’ll see what this brand is cooking for Fall…

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