Doomsday – X-Rays t-shirt

Did you hear yet of the creepy crew known as Doomsday? These guys are the epitome of the DIY attitude. With true Sardinian blood in their veins, this clique came for your blood when it was the moment to show you what time it is. Far from representing the typical Sardinian stereotypes, Doomsday brings you their world made of surf, old school skateboarding, tattoos, b-movies fun and the splatter vibe that goes with it. With a success mostly built on word of mouth coming from the total satisfaction of the fans of the brand and of course because of the partial ownership by Salmo, you start to see Doomsday around more and more and finally I can post this preview. X-Rays t-shirt is supposed to drop in April but I had the permit from the powers to be to show it as a teaser of what is about to come. Who could imagine that the rays discovered in 1985 by Wilhelm Röntgen would became a fraud later on with these X-Rays specs that you see represented on this skull?! Sold back in the 20th century for a little amount, these sunglasses that provide an optic illusion have become synonymous with cheap fun and to put them on a slimy skull was the thing to do. As far as the t-shirt that Henriett N is wearing it’s smooth and its screen printing is on point. Keep checking Doomsday website next month in order to cop this beauty of a t-shirt. While you are at it keep checking my blog too because I will post more from this brand real soon. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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