Dosh – Synchro Core iPhone case wallet

I have seen the whole cellphone phenomenon develop under my eyes. First it was the little phones, then the phones that could send away your pictures through MMS and now we are in a period that I never witnessed before: iPhone fever. Take a walk in the street and look around: everybody is holding in his hands an iPhone. Dosh thought about doing something specific for this generation. The brand from Australia that redefined wallets giving them a new and modern design, thought of an iPhone case/wallet hybrid. Its name is Synchro and it is available in six more colorways, beside this one called Core. What is special about this case are the two pockets shaped like a 7, one in the front and one in the back that let you slip inside up to six cards and cash. Some people (myself included) carry in their wallet all types of cards and this leads to have an ultra thick wallet but this piece is here to help us change for better. You can still keep your thick wallet if you like to, but for example you may attend a special event one day where you can’t carry your wallet. In this case you may need something with the bare necessities and this Synchro case will be your life saver. Made entirely of recyclable material, you can rely on this TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for being waterproof and extremely durable. Your style is safe, your iPhone 5/5s is safe, you can leave your wallet at home and you will become the new phenomenon that everybody will try to copy, I warn you. Photo courtesy of Roberta Marcolegio.

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