Double U Frenk ● Opposite Tattoo Panther ring + Antique Royal Blue beanie

I love to support people with a global mentality that want to create something with a strong local taste but ready for the world, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to introduce you this brand called Double U Frenk. “Born in February 2013 in the ancient city of Modena, Italian jewelry brand Double U Frenk began as a creative outlet for a group of friends” says Highsnobiety in the words that you can find in the Our Story section of this brand.

Street flavor, that’s what we are dealing with. I saw around some of these creations and I couldn’t wait to witness firsthand what the hype was all about. The Opposite Tattoo Panther ring is part of the Aged Gold rings among those representing tattoo themes such as the rose, the lighthouse, the heart and a few others. If you think that your life is useless without it, I can’t do nothing but agree.

The cool thing is that its price revolves in the range of a t-shirt so, being a costume jewel and not real silver and real gold but rather zamak (also known as zinc alloy) and brass, your dreams are just one step away from becoming reality. Being Double U Frenk a creative outlet for young people, what could stop the owners Mattia and Francesco from creating also a fresh serie of beanies on the side?

Fold it or leave it extra long: the blend of black and royal blue on this Antique Royal Blue beanie is just too nice (and there are plenty more to satisfy your matching needs…)
Styling by Young Ida.
Photos courtesy of Ema Nema.

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