Doughnut ● Colorado Cordura Black Camel

It’s enough to give a look to the accessories section of this blog to get the picture: backpacks are a category of product that is gaining momentum. Being Interjeans always at the forefront of what is new and exciting, it couldn’t miss the opportunity to distribute Doughnut, an outdoor brand specialized in this kind of luggage.

This brand established in Hong Kong in 2007, is getting a name for itself step by step even here in the old continent. With the intent to integrate fashion and functionality Doughnut has a goal: to deliver the utmost quality with a reasonable price and a unique style.

On subject of quality if your item is made of Cordura, like in the case of this Colorado Cordura Black Camel, you are up to a good start. This fabric is resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions and will last longer than an average backpack.

Don’t judge a book by its cover: the Colorado has a couple of hidden features that make the difference. One of them is the secure clip of the back pocket. Once you put your stuff inside and close the zipper, you can clip the pull for extra security.

The other one is the set of inner pockets inside that lets you keep everything in its place. You don’t have your wallet and other little objects moving freely inside your backpack anymore. Don’t worry if you need to keep handy your wallet or your sunglasses: you have a large pocket in the top part of the backpack.

Beside its inspiration in design, it’s evident that there is nothing retro about this current backpack.

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