DRKN ● Logo Square tee

I am glad to have the new new to introduce you. In case you are thinking that streetwear was something destined to alternative music fans and action sports aficionados only, we have some new kids on the block here.

Our digital society have new members and they all need to voice their existence: gamers. Those guys that connect online to play video games against other people that they only know by their nickname. Or they play against their peers, knowing them in real life and as opponents on the screens of their flat TVs.

Gone are the days of analog fun arcade games like pinball and foosball that make Nico A smile: these modern day digital experts are YouTube stars and share secrets of their favorite games on their Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats. That’s why in 2015 in Stockholm a group of people that firmly believed in this underground digital revolution founded DRKN. This gaming community that is all about a digital culture found streetwear designers that share the same passion and are ready to embark in a new venture that fits the times we live in.

Blue Distribution heart beats at the same pace of the fast life of these modern day heroes, that’s why it joined this digital cult and it’s now the official distributor of this brand for Italy. Is it also because of the presence in the brand as a co-founder by Greger Hagelin, the visionary CEO that founded WESC back then?

DRKN is so new that just a few shop received it already but in case you want to get down with the movement don’t worry: this Logo Square tee is available on Blakshop.
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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