DRKN ● Statement t-shirt

DRKN expresses a concept that couldn’t exist a couple of decades ago. Change is constant in our fabulous streetwear world and this brand, if you let me quote the great Prince, is a Sign o’the times. Who could have imagined that, thanks to ADSL connections, people could play video games online together, no matter where they are physically speaking.

Who could have thought that to post video content online could become so easy that anyone can be a YouTuber? In case you are not aware of this, let’s make one thing clear: YouTube gamers rule. They have a bunch of followers because they represent reliable figures of experts that can be 100% honest when they review a video game. Kids don’t waste their money so before they buy a game, they check on YouTube if there are reviews or reactions concerning their object of desire.

That’s why Greger Hagelin (WESC founder) in cooperation with Erik Bjerksjö decided that times were right to launch a brand for gamers. Now the members of such underground social structure that can now start to recognize each other in real life thanks to these items by DRKN.

This Statement t-shirt worn by Sabrina M stays true to its name, with the one and only claim that can represent this brand properly. With its subtle branding on a sleeve and the velcro patch on the other, you can tell how details matters for this Swedish brand.

The first items that landed in Italy are available through Blakshop.com while next fall you should already find something in your favorite street shop. Join the movement: it may be dark but… it’s lit.
Photos courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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