“Drop it like it’s hot/drop it like it’s hot” (Snoop Dogg)

Cento and Jeppy are like Beavis and Butthead in this street cinema. Or like Method Man and Redman: they’re fresh and funny at the same time. The founders of Lobster are walking in the right direction. Not your cut and sew company yet, but I’m sure that they will take that path real soon. In the meantime they are already putting out cardigans, jackets, windbreakers and even bandannas and sunglasses. In case you’re not a man, there are leggings for your thin legs, that this company suggest you to wear with one of their long tees that cover your ass, little lady. Nowadays what these heads are really satisfied with are denims and sincerely this denim here lives up to the expectation that Cento got us used to with his visonary and deep graphics on tee shirts. It’s all in the drop. Forget your wash, if the fit of your denim and the way it drops on you sucks, there is no way you can look good. Gone are the baggy jeans days, ultratight leggings-like denims were ridiculous, still are and will be like this forever. As usual the right deal is in the middle: relaxed fit. Lobster knows what’s hot and what’s not, I thought you knew. I repeat: I love the way it drops. There is a little bit of elasthann that makes it comfortable, it’s lightweight and the total absence of washing makes it an all round champ. Wear it where you want it, from the skatepark to the dancefloor of your favourite club, you will look good and at the same time you will look hood. There is everything here: quality, craftmanship and price. Do you see the rivets? They look at the right place and the colour combination on that shade of denim is tight. Do you see the pockets with the pincer design? This is nothing short of brilliant. The Lobster concept is on your ass to be seen and it’s well crafted. Do you like to buy an Italian product at an affordable price? Lobster brings you a piece of Italia and leaves in your pocket enough money to let you buy what your soul desires. I don’t know what else can I write to make sure that you think that this is a dope denim but one thing is sure: I’m not gonna pay for your denims, you have to.

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