DTA x Famous Stars and Straps – The Hard Way trucker cap

Allow me to say DTA all day. The Californian brand that brought back the power of unity (their website is dtaposse.com) as a fundamental value for a better living teamed up recently with Famous Stars and Straps in order to share their common ground. Both brands are anti-establishment and couldn’t care less about the government so this was the starting point to build a capsule they they called “The Hard Way” as you can read on the crown of this trucker. DTA doesn’t want to be a megabrand with several solutions to dress you in any weather condition but rather a brand with a message. Their name is an acronym that stands for Don’t Trust Anyone and in these days of false propaganda and overinflated hype, it’s a much needed suggestion. I am a big fan of the screen print under the visor that brings me back to 1985 when I had the Cyco style with a buttoned up flannel and a “Suicidal” cap. What a coincidence: DTA is based in Venice! This capsule dropped a month ago and it did very well to a point that the cap that you are looking at, here on the head of Raffy C, is nowhere to be found, but on Transplants website. I had it at Famous headquarters, when this piece just dropped. I feel a little guilty but at the same time I am happy to have an exclusive piece (read: very limited). Don’t let they f___ with you subliminally, open your eyes and start to educate your brain, before you lose it.

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