DVS ● Cinch LT+ Charcoal Knit

Are you ready for a next level lifestyle sneaker by DVS? The Californian footwear brand with deep roots into skateboarding after it delivered to the world the illest chubby tech sneakers, thought it was about time to focus on some current slimmer silhouettes. But the preview from Fresco Distribution from Fall 17 that we are about to check is something else.

This Cinch LT+ will drop in September for the first time, it has never been released before. With its Vaporcell Flex outsole you can count on a superior level of confort and the molded TPU heel stabilizer adds stability once you slip your feet inside the sneaker.
Here comes the nice part: you slip them inside a molded Vaporcell Elite cup sock that will give you an unparalleled fit, making real easy to wear the shoe and to take it off.

These shoes represent the natural evolution of the technical kicks that put DVS on the map in its early days, ready to give relax to skaters feet after an intense session or while traveling to skate the next spot. All this without losing your identity, staying true to your game.

Also available in two others colorways made of tech mesh, this is the grey tweed version called Charcoal Knit. This material contributes to increase the finesse of your winter coat if you are that fresh & clean type but also gets along well with colorful jackets, keeping down the general tone of your outfit.

Feel free to browse DVS website while you wait for the Cinch LT+ to drop and you will be surprised to see how many sneakers this brand has for all your needs

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