DVS ● Stratos LT+ Kids

Nothing is fresh like a kid rocking the right kicks and Fresco Distribution knows better. Dealing with DVS shoes since the day this brand was born, distributing the brand over Italian turf, here is a pair of mini sneakers for your little loved ones.

Expanding from the original “skateboard shoe company” concept, this brand stayed true to the streets but at the same time it is also offering a wide range of footwear for snowboarding, surfing and motorsport beside skateboarding. No volleyball shoes and fitness leggings therefor but footwear and apparel for the action sports we all love.

From the brand born in Los Angeles in 1995 let me show you the Stratos LT+ Kids. These are the kind of lifestyle shoes for your time off, the lightweight kicks that you wear to relax your sore legs from yesterday’s session. But since we are talking about kids here and not about their parents (kids never have sore legs), these are the shoes worn to go on a stroll. Kids shall wear these Stratos to look at daddy smith grinding a corner of the local concrete bowl or jumping from a dirt cliff with its bike.

Looking closely at what Alessandra U is holding in her hands, we see a combo that is crucial for a lightweight shoe: Vaporcell outsole. The sole that we saw previously on other styles from this brand, is here again. Vaporcell while giving you proper cushioning, gives you a superior energy return at the same time.

The other feature is the mesh panel on the side: making the shoe light and breathable, it keeps the structure strong. Its vinyl frame over it has provided a nice spot for a discreet branding.

No better move to have your kid involved in what mum and dad do: start with the sneakers and the rest will follow.
Shop online for this item here > https://www.dvsshoes.com/shop/pc/STRATOS-LT-KIDS-4p16211.htm

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