DVS – Cedar by Fresco Distribution

There is a lot of talking about DVS lately. Daewon quit but no panic: Cody McEntire is in so all is good. If you ask me about this brand my answer is real simple: DVS is ready to drop on the market functional footwear for skateboarding like this. Here in the hands of Jennifer N, you have a preview of a pair of skate shoes part of the Fall 2016 delivery that will be in the shops around September. Yessir, Fresco Distribution makes me play the “cool hunter” thing here and I am forever thankful to them boys for this! Welcome to the Cedar, a low top that says “skate me!” as soon as you look at it, like it was a magic cookie from Alice in Wonderland. You sure can do magic with such a brilliant skate shoe. Easy to break in as soon as you wear it, what strikes at first is its vulcanized construction that has a sort of ollie pad all around the toe. If your feet deal on daily basis with the griptape of your board then it’s surely a much needed feature. Its construction is a compromise among its sensibility and its structure that is flexible but ready to withstand abuse. Suede and canvas are always a good mix in order to have a lightweight shoe with all the strength (and the grip) of suede where needed. So I can’t predict the future of DVS but surely I can tell you that once you will slip your feet inside these kicks it will be hard to take them off… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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