DVS – Premier 2.0 by Fresco Distribution

If there is a brand whose name has solid roots in action sports, that is DVS. Born as a sole skateboarding brand that made a name for itself mostly through that “Skate More” video, DVS got perceived well later on from FMX riders but also by surfers and snowboarders. While I can’t tell you much about these last tribes I just mentioned, I sure can tell you that The Maxiemillion readers have crazy love for all the skate posse that includes Daewon Song, Torey Pudwill and Luis Tolentino among others. Beside skate shoes that are functional as the official team may prove with their skateboarding, DVS also developed the so called “chubby tech” sneakers. In this way people in the know in the industry calls bulky shoes that look very technical made by several materials but today we are talking about some other stuff. Here in the hands of Veronica R we have a preview from next Fall Winter season, courtesy of Fresco Distribution. The Premier 2.0 represents the evolution of footwear according to new standards. Didn’t I tell you already that brands are developing this style of footwear for people that use sneakers to walk comfortably?! Named after the Premier, the shoe with a running inspired silhouette, this model belongs to the extra light category. This is DVS version of the story, with a Vaporcell insole and an upper made of suede and mesh. Clean design is the keyword here, as the Premier 2.0 goes by a no frills logic that allows all types of DVS fans to dig this model for a quality chill time. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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