“When they see him, whips be European/if your a 10, chances your with him” (Jay Z)

Italian skate scene is excited: the DVS tour “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is about to touch our stomping ground. So, in order to bring more heat to the whole thing, I have the pleasure to show you before it hits the skateshops the DVS Flo Mirtain pro. The French skater light touch didn’t go unnoticed from his shoe sponsor so in order to make this European professional shine like he deserves, here comes his pro model. As you can see from the pictures of Mickey H it’s a collaboration with Cliché, Flo board company. The first thing that you notice when you slip your feet into these kicks is how flexible is the outsole. You’ll feel wrapped in the most sensible low top you have ever tried in a long time. It all makes sense in a world where Flo is a rad technical skater and he needs to feel his skateboard with a proper shoe. This pair of shoes as a matter of fact is made of suede and it’s vulcanized, just as the the ideal skate shoe for tech skateboarding should be. As far as graphic references on its tongue and insoles, you can see a similar font at subway accesses signs in France. There is a sort of allegory related to this where both Metropolitain and this shoes are good to go in order to explore the city. A big thank you goes to Fresco Distribution that, beside taking care of the organization of the Italian part of DVS tour, will deliver real soon these pro models to a skateshop near you.

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