E.ndless M.axiemillion B.ullsh*t vs 36th chamber

In case you’re not familiar with Mike York, it is my duty to introduce you to this individual. A talented skateboarder, a visionary entrepreneur, a fun lovin’ party guy, a family man and now even a dad. Mike was one of the original heads that was skating Justin Herman plaza in San Francisco, known to the masses as the Embarcadero (or EMB from the name of the crew of the locals there). Mike has SF in his earth but even more: he has it under his skin in form of a tattoo and recently even on the graphics of the deck portrayed on his Silverstar pro t shirt. Mike is crazy about that bridge as a logo, so he came to mind when I saw one of the slickiest caps ever. Checkered flanel and dark denim may be easily connected to your life like gin and juice or like two turntables and a mixer. I think of endless outfit combinations to rock this 59fifty New Era cap properly but what gives justice to this is only a plain camel brown jacket, preferably short and made of some rich wool. Do not try to match your bottoms goin’ crazy over some denim hunting that will never lead you to the same exact shade of colour. Take it as a challenge to wear properly your corduroy pants forgotten in a closet for long. Jeez, I’m sounding like a fashion guru here but I’m not, I just love this cap and gotta fill the void under its picture. This is my theft at the Industrial studio n. 2. So, don’t go ask for it now, just wait it out. Don’t forget: you’ve seen it here first but never declare it or my man has to fight his bosses like the Industrial is the 36th chamber

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