Easter ● Hip Hop Resurrection

May we have a moment of reflection, here? I am not showing you any apparel item this time: my focus is on the moment we are living and on the celebration of my past at the same time.

I was raised as a Catholic and to this day I try to live by the principles of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I simply live and let live: think all you want and behave as you feel as long as you respect my principles. Today is Easter Monday and yesterday I celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, but even hip hop in its golden age phase flirted with the idea of coming back from the dead.

When Gravediggaz dropped their first album in 1994 it was an appempt to “get all the white boys in love with rap” in the words of RZA. It was a form of street rap so in your face that you could hardly ignore, a sort of “heavy metal imagery in a hip hop remix”. When Prince Paul producer extraordinaire was putting together a song called “Two Cups of blood” he had to deal with lyrics like “Arm to the leg, leg, on to the head, yo / Be the Rzarector, resurrect the mental dead”

In the meantime the skilled rapper from Chicago part of G.O.O.D. Music formerly known as Common Sense dropped in the same year his second album “Resurrection” where you could find rhymes like “A million black men walkin, towards one direction / For sure, the cream of the planets… resurrection”

In our corner of the globe called Italy, 10 years ago, veterans DJ Shocca aka Roc Beats and Bassi Maestro aka Cockdeini sampled a bar about resurrection for the hook of their smashing joint “Wake up”. Go back to A Tribe Called quest “(We got) The Jazz” if you want to know where that bar “‘Cuz the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead” comes from.

I did not include Public Emeny “Night of the living baseheads” in this piece, because if you are living and you are dead only in your brain there is no actual resurrection but here I am, open to debate about this.

My wish is to enjoy music that you love and never let anything kill you before your time comes: live to the very last breath, resurrection in phisical form isn’t guaranteed

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