Edwin ● ED 55 Red Listed Selvage Denim

How many decades of rebellion involving denim passed under our eyes? Do you remember that rebel without a cause called James Dean? Those were days when only wearing a pair of indigo dyed pants made you an outsider. From peaceful warrior Bob Marley to “no future” advocate Sid Vicious, denim jeans pants and jackets were ready to adapt to a dynamic lifestyle with a non conformist image back in the 80’s like they are today.


No matter your style, there is a denim item ready to fit in. If last seasons were more centered on sportswear retro vibes, the rugged canvas born in 17th century is getting back its spotlight. But talking about denim is like talking about music: there is anything and everything out there, but here I am to point you the right direction.


Japanese brand Edwin is synonymous with excellence when it comes to this fabric, represented in the name of the brand itself. Edwin is in fact “denim” anagram with an upside down M. Remember when I first showed you Blue Distribution‘s Edwin booth during my last Pitti Immagine report?


This style is Edwin ED 55 Red Listed Selvage Denim in its Contrast Clean Wash. Its regular tapered cut gives you a couple of different opportunities as far as making it your own.


Do you like to look proper without showing off too much? Buy it in your size. Are you giving a chance to this new wave of baggy fit that we see from skateboarders to high fashion lookbooks? Buy it in one or two sizes more.


Selvedge (or selvage as you like) finishing actually ought to be spelled ‘self-edge . In this way are defined the self-finished edges on the two sides of fabric woven on shuttle looms. Such edges don’t fray or unravel and considering the scarcity of this element in the whole roll of denim used to craft your pants, it is a sign of a superior pair of pants.


Beside being visible on the cuffs, peep closely how the selvedge element has been extended to the coin pocket too with unique finesse. Time to step your denim game up: Blakshop Edwin section is ready to help you do so…

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