Edwin ● High Road Jacket

It was about time to venture into Edwin denim territory. At first I gave you the news of Blue being the new distributor of this Japanese brand in my Pitti immagine report, then it was the time of that Training pant that I posted not long ago but now we are checking out the core business of this brand: denim.

If for some aspects this fabric is not in its hegemony days like in the past, there is no way to move it from where he belongs: the streets. Born as a solution to create superior work garments, it has had its ups and downs but it has been around forever and Edwin developed its brand on it.

If denim pants have found new alternatives these last seasons such as sweatpants and joggers, it is true that the denim jacket has found a renaissance that makes it a main character in streetwear and this High Road Jacket gives you the picture better than my words.

Every detail is crucial and you can bet Edwin knows better. The light shade of denim that has nothing to deal with other cheap washings that you may see and the attention that has been given picking up stitchings and buttons is one of a kind.

The light grey thread that puts together the different pieces of this jacket is extremely on point, almost disappearing into the fabric. For what concerns its black buttons only the central ones are branded, while the small ones of the pockets are blank. I didn’t write “every detail is crucial” by accident, here above.

Checking every picture of Halidou S it is evident how the fit plays a key role, dressing him in a flawless way, giving justice to the hard work of the Japanese designers that created this item.

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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