Edwin ● Training Pant

Edwin is a main character when we talk Japanese street fashion. The brand whose name comes from a sort of anagram of the word “denim” (putting the m upside down to form its w), represents at its best the attention to detail that defines the streetwear fever that only happens in this Far East country. Japan is home to people that know exactly which brand they want to buy and most of all why, creating a scene that can’t be compared to anything else.

In this scenario Edwin made a name for itself with clean designs and lots of hard work leaving a mark that established it as a worldwide top denim brand.

It is because of this that today we are checking an item not made of denim: to show how its approach follows the same guidelines in any case. In this period where the sportswear wave is stronger then ever, this denim master wanted to play with an track pant.

Called in the words of Edwin itself “a tapered athleisure inspired trouser”, this Training Pant is the freshest solution when you don’t know how to put together an outstanding outfit. Of course there are quite a few track pants out there with branded band on the side these days but the word average doesn’t belong to these pants.

From the little zippers on the side to the crease in the middle that makes it more refined, it’s easy to fall in love with this pant and make an impression on any urban scenario that you want to be part of.

The band on the side is full of ideograms and claims that make this pant easy to recognize and its tapered fit does the rest for this object of desire that makes you a main character just like this brand in the streetwear industry. Check this brand that now belongs to Blue Distribution roster on Blakshop: you’d better aim at leadership, don’t waste time being a follower…
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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